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Some great benefits of Making use of Automatic Metal Tyre Repairing Equipment

Several tank grinding machine why suppliers utilize blend added wheels inside cars and trucks will be they are light, yet can easily stand up to weighty a lot. Since they acquire soil and also dirt without difficulty, it is crucial to completely clean these occasionally to offer the car or perhaps vehicle the modern car experience. It could be really labour extensive to completely clean magnesium or perhaps metal blend added wheels;


Jem T-shirt Multiple autographs - For Sale

I am selling my most prized item in my Jem and the Holograms collection. This is a petite sized t-shirt signed by 9 members of the original cast. The signatures on the T-shirt are all authentic and any additional questions or proof are more than welcome upon request. It is signed by the following cast members of "Jem and the Holograms."

Christy Marx - Creator and writer
Samantha Newark - voice of Jem
Britta Phillips - singing voice of Jem
Patricia Albrecht - voice of Pizzazz
Roger Slifer - writer
Townsend Coleman - voice of Riot

Jem Items for Sale

Have several Jem items for sale, hoping they find good homes!  Please message for additional information and or pictures.  Items available:

Glitter 'N Gold Jem doll with accompanying Glitter 'N Gold outfit (missing cardboard record album)

Glitter 'N Gold Rio doll with accompanying Glitter 'N Gold outfit (missing rose from outfit)


Command Performance- missing bow

Award Night- no missing pieces

Encore- no missing pieces

Let the Music Play- no missing pieces

Golden Days, Diamond Nights- no missing pieces


Jem Integrity Graphix doll I want 1

Hi I hope I am posting this correctly if not sorry.
I really would like a Jem Integrity Graphix doll if anyone has bought an extra one and is willing to sell me it I would be eternally great full. Please let me know here or I am also on twitter as @Misty_Marx I would pay with PayPal please let me know if anyone has a lead and thanks.

Suggestions for a playlist of Jem, Misfit & Stinger songs?

Hi all,

I'm making a Jem music CD (original Jem, not movie) for my partner. I don't know enough about Jem to know whether the songs I've chosen are considered good or not. I'm afraid I can't find out if she has favourites without giving the game away. I do know she likes some of the The Stinger's songs though (Just not sure which!).

I made a tentative playlist based off of somebody else's YouTube playlist. This was made before I found out she liked the The Stingers and it so it doesn't have any of The Stinger's songs in there yet.